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Puntastic MiND mugs!

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the MiND study mugs puns

As a bit of MiND trivia – the puns on our MiND mugs are the result of a bit of fun in the core team, where we held a little competition and voted for the top 10ish puns. It sounds like we may need to have another competition to include the wider MiND Study Group, as well as all our referrers, collaborators and MiND community! In the meantime, if you have a pun in MiND, we can’t get enough of them so please get in touch.

We think the MiND mugs are a punny way for us to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, but also a little way for us to say thank you to our referrers and collaborators, for their help and support. So please keep MiND in mind, consider and refer people, and we’d love to share the MiND mugs far and wide!

the MiND study mugs puns

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