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Hello and welcome, Tasmania!

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Hello and welcome, Tasmania! We’re so pleased and excited to announce that we’re now able to recruit participants from Tassie! Interested in joining our study? Please click here for more info and to get in touch!

where The MiND Study has come from, and where we’re headed

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The background We know that diagnosis, treatment, and care, for so many people with conditions like dementia, especially younger-onset dementia, is not straightforward. A large part of this challenge is because symptoms, especially early in the illness, can overlap significantly with a range of other conditions. For example, stress, depression,… Read More »where The MiND Study has come from, and where we’re headed

Hello NSW and NT!

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Hello NSW and NT! We’re growing, and we’re so pleased to now welcome participants from NSW and NT, as well as QLD, WA, SA, and VIC! Please spread the word, and get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

2021 research wrap up!

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It’s been a very productive year for disseminating results. In addition to many conference and other meeting posters and presentations, we are very proud to share that several MiND manuscripts have been accepted in 2021. Dr Eratne published two big MiND papers this year. First, “Cerebrospinal fluid neurofilament light chain differentiates… Read More »2021 research wrap up!

We’ve got more materials!

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We’re excited to share participant/patient facing materials and clinician facing flyers, to help everyone ‘keep MiND in MiND’! The patient facing materials include: a very simple introduction and explanation of The MiND Study in our easy read information, and a flyer asking for help and inviting people who meet the… Read More »We’ve got more materials!