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healthcare professionals

we are now accepting referrals for people with cognitive, psychiatric and/or neurological symptoms, and healthy controls

researchers, students, & collaborators

we would love to hear from you and we are keen to collaborate

the ultimate goal of our research is to lead to routine, clinically available tests that would improve outcomes for people with cognitive, psychiatric and/or neurological symptoms, their families, clinicians and healthcare systems

we aim to do this by exploring the ability of biomarkers such as neurofilament light chain, and other markers, to lead to accurate, timely diagnosis of neurological, neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders

we are welcoming healthcare professionals to refer people with symptoms (and healthy controls) to our Study, for people to join our community and receive updates, and to collaborate with researchers and organisations

what’s new

MiND Matters Newsletter – May 2021 – exciting updates from The MiND Study

Welcome to the second edition of the MiND Matters Newsletter – a quarterly communication from the MiND Project Team to keep our Investigators Team informed, updated and engaged on all things MiND.&n…

puntastic MiNDs and MiNDtastic puns

Drum roll… here are the results of our very scientific and rigorous MiND puns competition! Rank MiNDtastic pun Score 1 Do you MiND? 37 2 What’s on your MiND? 24 3 Blue MiNDay 22 4 Keep MiN…

the MiND study mugs puns

Puntastic MiND mugs!

As a bit of MiND trivia – the puns on our MiND mugs are the result of a bit of fun in the core team, where we held a little competition and voted for the top 10ish puns. It sounds like we may ne…

mind mugs thank you

We’re moving – thank you for our first referral from RMH Neurology!

The MiND Study received our first referral from The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neurology! Thank you Dr Sarah Holper and team, for ‘keeping MiND in mind’, and we hope you enjoy the MiND mugs …

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please get in touch with us if you have any questions, for updates, to join our community and receive our newsletter, if you’re interested in collaborating, or interested in joining as a participant