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healthcare professionals

we are now accepting referrals for people with cognitive, psychiatric and/or neurological symptoms, and healthy controls

researchers, students, & collaborators

we would love to hear from you and we are keen to collaborate

the ultimate goal of The MiND Study is to lead to routine, clinically available tests that would improve outcomes for people with cognitive, psychiatric and/or neurological symptoms, their families, clinicians and healthcare systems

we aim to do this by exploring the ability of biomarkers such as neurofilament light chain, and other markers, to lead to accurate, timely diagnosis of neurological, neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders

The MiND Study is led by Professor Dennis Velakoulis and Dr Dhamidhu Eratne, and Neuropsychiatry, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia, working with a growing list of fantastic national and international collaborators

we are welcoming referrals from healthcare professionals, for people with symptoms, and healthy controls. we also welcome people to join our community and receive updates, and to collaborate with researchers and organisations

what’s new

Hello and welcome WA, QLD, and SA!

Hello and welcome WA, QLD, and SA! We’re excited to announce that we’re welcoming referrals and recruitment from interstate, as well as all across Victoria. NSW soon to come! We need all t…

great musical MiNDs, theme songs, delicious food, and core team planning

The MiND Study core team recently had a team planning meeting, to discuss our timelines, risk management plans, give feedback and review how we’ve all being going and how we think MiND is doing,…

We’ve got more materials!

We’re excited to share participant/patient facing materials and clinician facing flyers, to help everyone ‘keep MiND in MiND’! The patient facing materials include: a very simple int…

Calling all GPs – The MiND Study needs your help!

A great article on newsGP features @themindstudy! Click here to view the article on newsGP. We need help from GPs to achieve our ultimate aim: a routine test for neurodegeneration, that would assist G…

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